Stretch Clock

How to Remove the StretchClock iGoogle Gadget


To temporarily stop StretchClock from launching stretches: 

1) click the "pause button"


2) You can unpause StretchClock at anytime.


To completely remove StretchClock from your iGoogle Page

1) Click the "Maximize" button

Click Maximize

2) Click "Delete"

Click Delete

3) Click OK

Click OK


Following the steps above will stop all stretch breaks and completely remove StretchClock from your computer.

Is there anything I can do to make StretchClock better for you?

I am interested in your feedback. Both the good and the bad. Is there anything I could have done to make StretchClock more useful for you?

Please send your ideas, comments, and criticisms. I am listening.

Thank you again for trying it out.


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