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The StretchClock Gadget is an easy-to-use stretch reminder. The purpose of StretchClock is to interupt us and remind computer users to stretch.

The gadget provides a timer that counts down the minutes until your next break.

The StretchClock Gadget for Windows is shown below:

using the Windows StretchClock Gadget


Clicking on the pause button will stop the timer from counting down.

Click the pause button again to resume the countdown.

Stretch Now

Are you feeling extra stressed or stiff? Did someone just say something stupid? Press the Stretch Now button to immediately launch a random stretch video to help you unwind. This also resets your stretch timer.


Click the reset button to reset the stretch timer. You can use this if you want to skip an upcoming stretch break.


Click the options icon to open the options window that is shown below:


Time Between Stretches

This is how many minutes you want between each stretch break. Clicking "Stretch Now" or "Reset" will reset the clock to this number.

We recommend 60-minutes or less.

Play Reminder

When the Time Between Stretches (see above) has been reached, if this box is checked, StretchClock will play an audio reminder chime that let's you know it is time for your break.

If the box is not checked, StrethClock will not play the audio reminder chime.

Automatically Start Stretches

When the Time Between Stretches (see above) has been reached, if this box is checked, StretchClock will launch a random stretch video in your web browser.

If the box is not checked, and the timer reaches zero, StretchClock will ask you if you would like to stretch.


Is there anything I can do to make StretchClock better for you?

I am interested in your feedback. Both the good and the bad. Is there anything I could have done to make StretchClock more useful for you?

Please send your ideas, comments, and criticisms. I am listening.

Thank you again for trying it out.


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