Sitting is Harmful. Here's What You Can Do

- reduce risk of office worker injuries
- reduce stress
- increase productivity

Use Break Reminder Software

- This study reported a 67% reduction in missed days of work after
  using a formal stretching program
- Cornell finds workers are more productive when using a break reminder


StretchClock is used by thousands of people, businesses, and universities every day.

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StretchClock is "The most interactive micro-break computer software available."

Jason Colberg, Doctor of Physical Therapy.
Fall River, Ma. USA



Safety and Wellness for Groups Includes:

- Break Reminder Software for Windows or Mac
- Unlimited Access to Premium Features and Exercises
- One Administrator Account
- Usage Reports for Administrator
- Quantity discounts based on number of users

Your Company may get reimbursed

- U.S. Tax Credits may be available for using StretchClock Wellness in your office
- Some Insurance plans are reimbursing companies who use StretchClock
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StretchClock is one of "5 Workplace Wellness Ideas to Implement Immediately" says Intuit Software

Medibid recommends that you use StretchClock to "Save Yourself From Your Desk Job!"

The Standard Insurance Group Calls StretchClock one of "Four apps, sites and devices for healthy, productive employees"

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Finally, an easy exercise program for busy people who sit at computers.

The studies are telling us what we can already feel in our bones. Sitting for a long time can be harmful and painful.

StretchClock is a break reminder that shows quick exercises that can be done at the desk in office attire. The reminder is customizable and can be set to match any work style or schedule.

Something good for people you care about

Let's face it, customers and employees make your business awesome. StretchClock is an easy choice to hyper-charge the awesomeness. Regular breaks pay off big and they pay off quick.

Occupational Health & Safety: The Benefits of Stretching

According to this study, after the company implemented a formal stretching program, they enjoyed a 67% reduction in missed days of work.

They also measured employee appreciation of the program. "Satisfaction was measured using a numerical rating scale of 1-10. When asked to rate how beneficial the stretching program had been for them, the average response ranged from 7.5 to 8.2, which the employer interpreted as a very positive response." Read more

When workers heed computer's reminder to take a break, their productivity jumps, Cornell study finds

"Workers who used computer software to remind them occasionally to assume good posture, take short breaks and occasionally stretch do more accurate work and as a result are more productive..."

"There is now quite a compelling economic reason to use ergonomic risk management software to optimize workflow." Read more

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