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StretchClock reminds you to stretch and guides you through 

easy exercises you can do at the desk

StretchClock helps you relax

Healthy, Safe and Fun

That's why we serve over 1 Million visits each year to people just like you from businesses, colleges, universities, and government agencies. They all use StretchClock because it feels good.

  • Too busy for exercise? We've got your back

    StretchClock reminds you to stretch and guides you through easy exercises you can do at the desk in office attire

  • Do you ever feel sore or cramped at the computer?

    Choose from over 100 exercises that strengthen your arms, legs, back, hips, neck, feet, and more.

  • Extremely flexible

    Every body is different. Create a favorites list to work on the parts of your body that need it most. Add exercises to your list that focus on common problems of desk workers.

  • Recommended by experts

    StretchClock is recommended by doctors, physical therapists, insurance companies, clinical experts, exercise enthusiasts and a power lifting champion.

  • Prevent fatigue. Reduce pain. Feel stronger.

    The desk exercise videos are targeted to provide relief from (and reduce the risk of) carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injury (RSI), back pain, shoulder pain, and other miseries caused by sitting.

  • Free updates

    Your Premium Membership gets you free updates, access to new features and new exercises.

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Try it Risk Free. 14-day satisfaction guarantee. 

If StretchClock Premium doesn't improve the quality of your life then we refund your money. 

You pay only when you are thrilled with the results. It's that simple.

Washington Post

"Thankfully, a friend sent this... Stretch Clock is a downloadable alarm program that alerts you every hour, telling you when its time to get up from your seat and do a little body restoration work... While the saving your life part is great, the best aspect of the Stretch Clock is the series of videos teaching you how to stretch."

Melissa Bell

The Washington Post
Womens Health

"Slouching at your desk?.... The DIY Physio app that every office worker needs... The app StretchClock, which alerts you every hour of the working day with videos of simple exercise you can do at your desk. "


October 2014
Evening Magazine

"It might be the best move you've ever made"

Evening Magazine


From Our Customers

"Indispensable. What did I do before this gadget? Sit around cramped all day... I have mine set on 30 minutes, which feels completely intrusive... which is great! Aren't YOU more important than whatever it is that you're working on?"

Sharif A.

***** Rated 5 out of 5 stars

"StretchClock. It's about time! My job requires me to sit at the computer all day long. Sometimes, I lose track of time and find myself in a world of hurt by doing absolutely nothing physically. I'm sure a lot of you know what I mean. The StretchClock add-on is making a difference in my day, every day. Thanks guys!"


***** Rated 5 out of 5 stars
"StretchClock works! This useful program exceeded my expectations and became my favorite add-on in only a few days. It is simple to use, unobtrusive, and effective. If you follow the thoughtfully sequenced and quick stretches, you too will be amazed."



***** rated 5 out of 5 stars

we want a break reminder on every desktop.

we think it is as important as a hard hat for construction workers. If you share our vision of a healthy office then please consider supporting our mission by purchasing a membership for yourself or someone else