Break Reminder Software: The Hard Hat for people who work at desks.


Let's face it, sitting at a desk can take it's toll.

Pain from sitting and repetitive stress can even put an end to a lucrative career.

Studies suggest that sitting for extended periods of time can be worse for your health than smoking.


Why I made StretchClock.

I am not a doctor or a clinician, i have been a computer programmer and software developer for most of my life. Stretching my arms, legs, hips, back and wrists has literally saved my career.


Because ship builders made their own hard hats


According to Wikipedia, invention of the hard hat is credited to ship builders who created it themselves to protect from "being hit on the head by objects being dropped from the deck of ships. There were also occasional items falling from the beaks of sea birds, who would pick up just about any item then drop it realizing that the object was inedible."


In 1931 during building of the Hoover Dam a forward thinking construction company paid for hard hats for all workers in dangerous areas.


It was a forward thinking company who finally invested in hard hats for all of their employees. The payoffs have been so huge we would never think of sending someone into a construction zone without this simple and basic piece of protective gear.


Now office workers need a new kind of protection for a 21st century set of hazards.


When my friends and I made StrethClock, we wanted it to be fun as well as useful. We didn't want some corporate version of wellness. We wanted to look forward to these breaks when they come.


Your break is a REWARD, not an INTERUPTION*


* = ok, we know it's an interuption and sometimes you don't want to be interupted. That's why it's easy to pause the clock. Be careful. To much clock pausing and you are risking the hurt again. No problem, it's easy to unpause if you feel the stiffness or stress coming back.


Because you are more important than what you are working on


That's why I made StretchClock, because we are humans and you deserve better than an automaton-robotic-lifestyle. If you take care of your human body first:

  • your mind will be clearer
  • your work will get better
  • your attitude will improve
  • you will feel less stress
  • you will become more valuable to whatever you are working on
  • the people around you will notice
  • your positive energy will spread


And we all just might be human again.


Thank you for your interest in StretchClock and good luck with your new workout routine. It is not always easy to stay dedicated to something that is good for you. So, make sure you get others involved. It can help them and it can help keep you on track too. Bo-Bonus!

Also please drop me a line anytime and let me know how your desk exercise workout is going.


Contact me if you have any questions, ideas, or comments.




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