Dice are Random

Random numbers are hard for computers.

Did you ever see the episode of Gilligan's island where the Harlem Globetrotters had to play basketball against robots? If you did, you will remember that being random is not easy for a computer.

YOU: "Computer, give me a random number."

COMPUTER: "Here's a random number, it is same as last time!"

YOU: "Computer, a random number that was not the same as last time."

COMPUTER: "Well why didn't you say so."

You asked, i listened

Thank you to everyone who posted or sent an email asking for a better random mode. Just for you, I built "Better Random". Or is it "Smart Random"? or maybe we'll just call it "Rnadmo"!

Here's how it works.

If you are logged in, StretchClock remembers your exercise history (in a cookie on your computer). When it is time for a new exercise, StretchClock chooses a random exercise that is not in your history. Once you have completed all of the exercises in your "Favorites" then the history is reset and the process starts over. This should guarantee that you will not get a repeated stretch until you have done them all.

Super Random is available to registered or premium members. I spent my weekend making this feature for you because your health is important. I hope you feel the same.

if you are logged in, the new random just works, you don't have to do anything.

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