How to use the StretchClock Extension for Chrome

StretchClock is a break reminder that reminds you to stretch. The break reminder is available as a Chrome Extension that you can install directly into your web browser.

download the extension


Notice the Icon In Your Toolbar.

stretchclock in the toolbar

After downloading the Extension StretchClock is installed in your browser menu.

The number on the icon tells you how many minutes until your next break.

Click on the StretchClock icon in your toolbar to see the main menu.


Note: If you do not see the StretchClock icon in your toolbar, look for the puzzle piece icon in your Chrome toolbar. From that menu click the Pin icon to place StretchClock in your toolbar.



Main Menu

stretchclock main menu


StretchClock = Stretch Now

At any time you can use the + Button to launch a random stretch from your playlist



Clicking on the pause button will stop the timer from counting down.

Click the pause button again to resume the countdown.



Click the reset button to reset the stretch timer. You can use this if you want to skip an upcoming stretch break.


Settings and Schedule

Click the SETTINGS icon to open the options window that is shown below:


Explore the Settings and Schedule

stretchclock settings

Break Timer Settings / Remind me to Stretch Every XX minutes

This is how many minutes you want between each stretch break. Clicking "Stretch Now" or "Reset" will reset the clock to this number.

We recommend 30-minutes or less.


Your Schedule and Sleep Mode

Use the schedule to make StretchClock work only when you work. When you are not working StretchClock goes to sleep.


Notification / Play Intro Sound

When the Time Between Stretches (see above) has been reached, if this box is checked, StretchClock will play an audio reminder chime that lets you know it is time for your break.

If the box is not checked, StrethClock will not play the audio reminder chime.


Notification / Start an Exercise

Check this box if you want to be transported to a tranquil outdoor location to do a quick one-minute no-sweat exercise. Premium Members get access to over 100 exercise videos that you can do at your desk.


Notification / Desktop Notification

Check this box if you want a notification to show up at the bottom of your computer screen when it is time to stretch. Windows 10 users: make sure notifications are enabled.


Notification / Play a Reminder Sound

If this box is checked StretchClock will play a reminder sound when it is time to take your break.


During Each Break Show Me This Many Exercises

Use this setting to tell StretchClock how long you want your breaks to be. Each exercise is about one minute. For this setting to work you must also have "Notification / Start An Exercise" checked


How to Remove

If you want to temporarily stop the Stretches you can use the Pause button (see MAIN MENU above).

If you want to completely remove the Chrome Extension follow the instructions on how to remove stretchclock here.


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