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3 years ago i started a major update of StretchClock with

big goals for the new version...

Major Improvements to the User Experience

  • Easy to get started. Easy to setup.
  • Easy to use. Single window interface
  • Fast. My initial testing of v5 shows more than 500% Improvement in User Interface Responsiveness and speed. It feels more like an app and less like a website.
  • Windows 10 Support Yes, win10 threw us developers for a loop. It is a great OS, just really different to code for. StretchClock v5 is being optimized for Windows 10 users
  • Better exercise screen. Larger with more content (especially on bigger screens)
  • Powerful You asked we listened, a common feature request was the ability to play more than one exercise per break (do you want a one minute workout every 30 minutes? Yes, you can. Or do you want a 60 minute workout every 24 hours? Yes, you can. What about anything your heart desires? Yes, you can.

Super easy to roll out to groups

I also wanted to update some things that may seem boring, but are really interesting to geeks (sorry, i mean professionals) like me:

  • Secure and Safe compliant with IT administrator and HIPAA requirements for easy company wide rollout.
  • No impact to IT departments nothing to download or install. This makes our service safe for your corporate or enterprise domain. AND it takes burden off your company IT admins.
  • Windows Store Also available as installable win10 version (coming soon after the Public Access Release of v5)
  • Ready for more devices V5 will support more browsers and more devices (desktop and mobile). V5 just works and does not require special browser or pop-up config
  • Extendable JSON API v1.0 for Easy Integration by any web developer

I completely rewrote StretchClock version 3 and i called it v4. It took me a year and a half. When i was done I threw it all away. I thought it was clunky and I didn't like how it worked. Although, I did learn a lot. So, I took the parts that were good and went back to the drawing board.

Lucky for me i have over 3,000 emails from people (just like you) who have been using StretchClock versions 1,2,3 and were kind enough to tell me what they like and don't like.

"Forgive the length of this letter, if i had more time it would be shorter"
Blaise Pascal, Benjamin Franklin, Woodrow Wilson, Mark Twain, etc.

Now StretchClock 5 is all new, totally improved, and almost ready. I have spent a lot of time simplifying the setup, removing clutter, adding powerful features, and supporting room for growth in the future.

I think you are really going to love the way it makes you feel.


Shane Gildnes
founder, coder, janitor


Checkout these Screenshots of StretchClock 5



OUR MISSION is to get a break reminder on every desk. We think it is as important as a calculator. That's why we have a trial version that anyone can use. We also have a premium version. The money from that powers our mission.

We want micro-exercise breaks to be considered NORMAL at the office. If you are reading this, you are a thought leader in this area.

Today it may seem weird at some offices when a person hops up and does a stretch. We realize that. But when we complete our mission, it will be as normal as wearing a hard hat on a construction site.


If you share this vision of a safer/healthier workplace, can you please help us with our goal?

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Pre-Release Access:

December 17, 2016

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The quickest way to get the new version and to show your support is to register for a premium account. Your account will be granted acces to the new Premium version 6 weeeks earlier than the general public.

Early Access:

January 14, 2017

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If you are a member of the StretchClock NewsGroup, you will get access to the trial version 2 weeks before the general public.

Public Access:

January 28, 2017

Trial version available to General Public. In Mid-January, we will unleash the v5 trial version (limited exercises, limited features, ad-supported) on the whole world and things are going to get a lot more fun, flexible, and far out.


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