Now with HTML Desktop Notifications and Audio Reminders

Over time Chrome, Firefox, Apple, and Microsoft have changed how notifications work on our PCs. StretchClock 5.1 has been updated to include a brand new notification system for alerting us that it is time for a break. Thanks to everyone who has written to me and provided feedback. StretchClock now has two new ways to alert you when it is time for an exercise break.

With StretchClock 5.1 you can choose to use "Desktop Notifications" and/or you can have an "Audio Reminder" play a sound to let you know it is time to stretch. Both of these notifications are easy to setup and easy to use.

StretchClock must be loaded into the browser if you want it to run. The browser can be minimized and the notifications will still work. Closing the browser will stop the clock and the reminders. To start it again just open the StretchClock web page.

These features work in the lastest version of Chrome, Edge, and Safari web browsers.

The features below are NOT supported in Internet Explorer or iOS devices.

Enable or Disable Notifications and Audio Reminders

break reminder settings

To enable the new features go to your StretchClock Settings

Under Notifications there are 2 checkboxes for Desktop Notification and Play a Reminder Sound

Note: If you do not see the new settings, Refresh the page in your browser. (the old settings could be still in your cache).

Play a Reminder Sound

Checking this box will play a short audio alert when it is time to stretch. Remember to turn up your speakers if you want to hear the reminder.

Desktop Notification

Checking this box will send a notification to your desktop. Click on the desktop notification to follow along with a quick no-sweat exercise.

Desktop Notifications must be enabled for this to work.

Break Reminder Notification


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