The instructions below are for Firefox 56 and less

Firefox extensions do not work in Firefox 57 or greater. If you are using Firefox 57 or greater, you may use the StretchClock Web Reminder

StretchClock is easy to use.

You can pause it when you don't need it. And you can change the settings so it works just right for you.

1 Notice StretchClock in your Toolbar.

StretchClock is in the Toolbar

2 Check out your options

check out the options

StretchClock = Stretch Now

At any time you can use the + Button to launch a random stretch from your playlist


Clicking on the pause button will stop the timer from counting down.

Click the pause button again to resume the countdown.


Click the reset button to reset the stretch timer. You can use this if you want to skip an upcoming stretch break.

Settings and Schedule

Click the options icon to open the options window that is shown below:

StretchClock settings

Time Between Stretches

This is how many minutes you want between each stretch break. Clicking "Stretch Now" or "Reset" will reset the clock to this number.

We recommend 60-minutes or less.

Play Intro Sound

When the Time Between Stretches (see above) has been reached, if this box is checked, StretchClock will play an audio reminder chime that let's you know it is time for your break.

If the box is not checked, StrethClock will not play the audio reminder chime.

Ask Before Stretching

When the Time Between Stretches (see above) has been reached, if this box is checked, StretchClock will ask you if you would like to stretch.

If the box is not checked, and the timer reaches zero, StretchClock will automatically play a random stretch video from your favorites list.

Show stretchclock in the add-on bar

This shows or hides the stretchclock controls in your firefox add-on bar (see below)


Use the schedule to make StretchClock work only when you work. When you are not working StretchClock goes to sleep.

stretchclock schedule

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About the Firefox Add-On Bar

1) To show or hide the Add-on Bar, right-click on an empty section of the Tab Strip and check or uncheck it in the pop-up menu.

or you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + /.

Enable the Add-On Bar

2) StretchClock should appear at the bottom of Firefox in your Tool Bar.

StretchClock running in the Firefox add on bar

The StretchClock Gadget for Firefox is shown below:

StretchClock for Firefox


If you need a break from the interruptions, you can "Pause" StretchClock, and then you can un-pause it later:

StretchClock paused

Challenge yourself to use StretchClock for 14 days

and see if you feel better.

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