StretchClock is quick and easy to remove.

1) Click the "Mission Control" icon in the Dock, and your desktop zooms out to Mission Control.

2) Then Click Dashboard at the top of the screen

Click Mission Control, then Dashboard


3) Notice StretchClock on the Dashboard.

click the "pause button"

You can unpause StretchClock at anytime.

Here is StretchClock


4) OR you can Completely remove it from your computer by clicking the + button

Click here to completely remove StretchClock


5) Click "Manage Widgets"

Manage Widgets


6) Click the red minus sign by "StretchClock"

Click the Red minus


7) Click OK to delete StretchClock

move to trash


Following the steps above will remove StretchClock from your Mac and stop the videos from playing.